High Availability Replication

Windows Full & Partial Failover, Designed for Your Business

We take high availability to the next level by providing seamless business continuity – in the face of single and sequential failures.

Eliminate Downtime for Windows Servers

Unlike other companies, Protos Technologies’s engineers have the unique ability to give you customized continuity. By harnessing layer 2 networking, our engineers provide solutions for both full and partial failover.

Now more than ever, organizations need a fully-comprehensive high availability (HA) solution ensuring 24/7/365 operations. We provide seamless and reliable business continuity (BC) for small and midsize businesses (SMBs) as well as enterprises, ensuring that reliable replication, protection, and recovery takes place.


Tailored Solutions

In today’s business landscape, having systems available 24/7/365 is a necessity. We provide tailored solutions that enable you to achieve this.

With our second-to-none networking practices and automatic service migration, single points of failure (SPOFs) are eliminated. Whether you face a disaster that wipes out all of your servers, or only a subset of critical applications, we automatically keep your data protected, available, and actionable.

Enhanced Performance

Our solutions streamline data management between platforms and databases, optimize storage and system efficiency, and provide availability that is simply more reliable, affordable, and resilient. We also significantly reduce the time needed for organizations to complete full restoration.

Our HA is scalable for small businesses to enterprise-level organizations. By integrating replication best practices, we protect your data and keep mission-critical applications running 24/7/365 with the functionality, flexibility and simplicity you require.