System Management

Management of your Unisys Hardware

Reduce operational costs by handing off the management of your Unisys systems.

With our fully managed solutions, you can rest easy and focus your resources where they’re needed the most: on your core business objectives.

Increase Productivity and Stay Protected

Your Unisys systems need 24/7 monitoring and support.

Unisys outages that occur during work hours, or even off-hours can wreak havoc on your business. At Protos Technologies, our Unisys experts act as an extension your staff, monitoring and managing your systems 24/7/365.


  • 24/7/365 monitoring and management
  • Freedom to create a customized DR solution
  • Advanced monitoring software with Tier-1 networking
  • Dedicated team of Unisys professionals perform regular backups
  • Ability to focus your resources on your core business objectives
  • Significantly reduced overhead by paying for support only when needed

World-Class Unisys System Management and Monitoring

Organizations with hosted environments or on-premise equipment can take advantage of our world-class Unisys system management. At Protos Technologies, we are flexible and understanding of your unique Unisys environment.

Protos Technologies’s managed services give organizations a cost-effective alternative to managing and monitoring their own Unisys environment. We resolve all issues that arise with your IT environment immediately, minimizing any threat to your production environment.