Case Studies

First Community Bank and Trust, A Case Study

When it comes to the banking industry, First Community Bank and Trust knows how imperative it is to have their data secure and available, no matter what. With integrity and flexibility being some of their core values, having a data recovery and storage solution with the same values was just as essential.

The Challenge

Before contacting Protos Technologies Services, First Community Bank and Trust was performing their own data storage and backups internally, at a location only 10 miles from their main production site. Having the backup site and main production site in such close proximity posed a serious threat, since disasters affecting the main center could take out the backup facility too. An extra challenge presented itself when the company faced several disasters, causing them to lose several hard drives and all the information that was stored on them.

First Community needed a backup partner that provided geographic diversity, could accommodate their mixed IT environment, and keep their data secure and available in the face of a disaster. Other disaster recovery partners couldn’t provide the flexibility and expertise that First Community needed. That’s when Protos Technologies Services stepped in.

The Solution

Protos Technologies Services representatives met personally with First Community and reviewed with them all the services they could use to optimize their data storage and recovery environment. First Community needed a solution that would allow for geographical safety, disaster recovery expertise, and a way to continue running their in-house business critical operations in the way they had been for years, using the equipment that they had already purchased and installed.

Protos Technologies provided solutions to all these problems, and more. Protos Technologies engineers seamlessly migrated First Community’s backup appliance to Protos Technologies’s highly secure, audited, and managed data center. Protos Technologies’s engineers also virtualized several machines using VMware technology, provided geographically secure housing for their data storage, and supplied built-in disaster recovery features.

“We did an onsite visit to several disaster recovery vendors as part of our due diligence. We were impressed with the Protos Technologies staff and their facility”, said Karen Burgess, SVP of Data Processing. First Community was especially pleased that Protos Technologies focuses on disaster recovery, and doesn’t just treat it as a side feature. Now First Community has effective disaster recovery solutions for their critical data, without being forced to make any changes or deviate from the system they’ve had in place for years. First Community couldn’t find this flexibility anywhere else.

The Results

With Protos Technologies’s solutions, First Community exceeded their initial goals. First Community still has the comfort of knowing exactly where all their data is stored and who has access to it. Now they also have unparalleled availability with high-level maintenance and management that they were not capable of in-house, or with a public cloud.

Protos Technologies boasts a 100% recovery rate since opening for business, and First Community experienced this success firsthand. First Community faced several disasters, including environmental damage and hardware failure. Protos Technologies rebuilt their virtual environment for them, and seamlessly migrated their data over to a secure server at their convenience. Protos Technologies’s engineers brought them back up to 100% within a couple hours, significantly exceeding their recovery time objective (RTO). SVP Karen Burgess noted that they received “excellent support during an actual disaster recovery event.”

First Community is utilizing solutions tailored to their exact needs. They now have two failsafes in the event of a disaster: one on-site, and one off-site at Protos Technologies’s secure location in Indiana. Rather than scrapping their in-house operations, Protos Technologies enhanced them. The system at their specific branch backs up to the secondary appliance at Protos Technologies, allowing them to recover internally or be restored from our facility. This allows for added flexibility and immediate access in case of a disaster.

SVP Karen Burgess noted that “the Protos Technologies solution is a time saver for our employees.” By allowing Protos Technologies to take care of their storage and recovery needs, employees of First Community can spend their time and resources on providing the customer-oriented service that they have succeeded at in almost 100 years of operation. Now they can also relax knowing that their business-critical operations will continue running smoothly, no matter what.


First Community Bank and Trust has remained dedicated to community values in almost 100 years of service. They take pride in providing greater banking access, in-depth knowledge, and superior customer service.