Data Backup

Fully Managed IBM Data Backup (Engineers Included)

Protection, backup, and recovery of critical data is something no organization can survive without. Improve performance and reduce IT spending with our fully managed IBM data backup and online data protection.

Keep Your Data Safe & Secure

With Protos Technologies, your business-critical IT systems are protected, backed up, and coupled with a rapid recovery solution. Protos Technologies secures, streamlines, and simplifies your IT systems.

As an extension of your IT staff, our expert engineers manage and maintain the health of your backup data, all hardware and software, and respond to any management or client requests with excellent customer service.


Some features of our secure and managed online data protection for IBM Power Systems include:

  • File compression as much as 10:1
  • Significant reduction in backup times
  • Fully protected and managed backups providing security and simplicity
  • Secure, compressed, and encrypted data during backup, transmission, and at rest
  • Complete flexibility over retention policies, encryption, bandwidth, and backup frequency
  • Protos Technologies’s engineers oversee the purchase, installation, and configuration of highly reliable storage groups, infrastructure, vault hardware and network communications

Flexible and Continuous Protection

By implementing a comprehensive data protection, backup, and recovery solution, we protect your company’s most precious asset – your IT systems. We backup your files, applications, databases, endpoints and VMs with maximized efficiency customized per data type.

For complete flexibility, your network administrator can control retention policies, encryption algorithms, bandwidth usage, and backup frequency.