Data centers

Military Grade, Certified Data Centers

When planning for disaster recovery, data recovery is only half the battle. There is no substitute for secure, instantaneous communications with data centers to recover your business-critical information when you need it the most.

Protos Technologies’s Data Center Facilities

Our disaster recovery and hot-site data centers are built in Class A facilities. Scattered throughout the Midwest, Protos Technologies’s data centers are housed in one of the safest locations in the United States for IT infrastructure. Multiple high performance servers and mainframes are situated within each location.

Our data centers are completely certified and secure. Other features include:

Crisis Center

If your personnel need a functioning work space, our state-of-the-art crisis center includes:

The entire facility is secure and available to your team at any time.

Our crisis center can also be utilized for management planning meetings, emergency response preparation, or any other type of training exercise that would better equip your team in event of a disaster or major data disturbance.

Compliant Data Centers

All of our data centers stand up to the rigors of independent auditors, and are fully compliant with: