How MIMIX Provides Flexible Data Replication for Complex IBM i Environments

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March 2, 2018 High Availability Blog Articles, Legacy System Blog Articles

Is your business IT environment simple? Complex? Dedicated to IBM i? Heterogeneous?

MIMIX is designed to give effective IBM i data replication solutions that keep data available and actionable, no matter the environment. Its high level of compatibility and flexibility make it an effective solution regardless of present or future IT configurations. See how.


Ultimate Compatibility

MIMIX data replication technology allows companies to maintain their current IT setup while completely revamping their data availability.  MIMIX is compatible with so many different configurations, companies don’t need to change their current hardware, software, or network setup to get reliable data replication for IBM i.

Because MIMIX replicates at the transaction level, it can work with many different (and heterogeneous) environments. MIMIX even works between different configurations on different servers. For instance, if your primary production server and secondary (target) server have different memory and CPU configurations, OS versions, storage hardware, or Power Systems hardware (or any combination of the above), they will still work together for seamless HA.

This compatibility also extends to the type of environment you are operating in, whether it be physical, virtual, or cloud-hosted. Companies have the option to replicate from cloud to cloud, from ground to cloud, and vice-versa.

MIMIX can work between different configurations for (and combinations of):

  • Software
  • Hardware
  • Networks
  • Cloud environments
  • Virtual environments
  • Physical environments


Flexibility for Every Business Model

MIMIX operates through remote journaling, which means that it only copies data that has changed from previous copies, rather than re-copying all of your data every time. Remote journaling is native to IBM i, and by building off of it MIMIX needs very little bandwidth to replicate. As a result, users can send replicated data to target servers located wherever they want – even over large geographic distances, for added security.

Remote journaling also has a built-in broadcast capability that allows users to duplicate data to multiple servers, rather than just one target server. Companies can use this feature to establish several computers to run production, or to set up additional servers to offload data from the production servers for processes such as saves to tape, reports, queries, and more.

MIMIX integrates within systems easily, and scales for small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) to complex, large-scale enterprises. The flexibility of MIMIX is especially critical for companies that may anticipate growth; whether you need enterprise-level solutions now or in the future, MIMIX can scale to your company’s changing environment. That’s what we call flexible data replication.


Managed High Availability Solutions

We use MIMIX technology to give users the best business continuity for their IBM i. With MIMIX, companies have incredibly low recovery time objectives and recovery point objectives (RTOs and RPOs), with reliable business continuity in any scenario. You don’t need to reconfigure your IT environment to get effective HA.


For  more information on how to achieve flexible data replication and high availability for IBM i, contact us today at 317-707-3941.


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