The End of IBM Content Manager for iSeries (and Your Next Step)

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January 26, 2018 Disaster Recovery News Blog, Legacy System Blog Articles

The clock is ticking for your IBM Content Manager for iSeries, with the official end-of-support date announced for September 30th, 2018. This means an unavoidable change in your day-to-day processes and your document management processes.

Sure, we thought we knew it was coming. Talk has been going around for years that the end was in sight – but even if we took it seriously, that doesn’t mean we prepared accordingly. It’s just like that insurance policy or disaster recovery plan (DRP) you’ve been talking about setting up, but just haven’t. Luckily, you’re in time to do something about it (and about that DRP, too), and we’re here to help show you the road.


How Does the End of IBM Content Manager Affect Me?

This year means the end of the timeline for more than one IBM Content Manager. For IBM i 7.1, the end is here on April 30th. For IBM i 7.2 and 7.3, the end date is set for September 30th, a date shared with many other IBM Content Manager products. For the full list of products that will no longer receive support, click here.

What does the end of support mean for you? Two things: security risks and compatibility issues (in addition to being a general nuisance).

Running any business process on unsupported software is not a good idea. Unsupported software means no more security patches, which can lead to vulnerabilities in your document security. Meanwhile, if you upgrade your IBM i, you clearly won’t be able to continue using this content manager either. IBM Content Manager will never be compatible with IBM i platform versions past 7.3. 

The (slightly obvious) next step? It’s time to start looking for a replacement solution.


The Next Step: Choosing a Replacement

Do you want to stay compatible with the latest version of IBM i? Choose another IBM product as a replacement for your IBM Content Manager.

Are you considering moving away from IBM systems? Then a Windows or cloud-based content management system could be a better choice.

Possibly the worst part about the death of IBM Content Manager is that most companies affected by the change have been using IBM Content Manager for years, just like their IBM i systems. Whether your company has been using the standard IBM Content Manager for iSeries, the Workfolder Application Facility (WAF), or IBM Content Manager OnDemand, knowing the ins and outs of any software makes it a nuisance to change, especially when moving to another product entirely. For these reasons we believe companies should build out of their current setup – don’t just scrap it. Define your document management needs, find the right replacement solution, and implement the change. Check out our next article for more information.


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