High Availability Means Immediate Data Accessibility

December 1, 2015 High Availability Blog Articles

When it comes to high availability (HA) solutions, the name says it all. HA solutions keep your data as accessible as possible, even in the case of a partial server failure. While disaster recovery (DR) and hosting solutions are effective for full network failures, they don’t quite cut it for when only one server fails. Partial failover is a solution that every company needs in place, and these are the top five reasons why:

1. Protection from downtime

If one business-critical server fails, it will also bring every server that interacts with it to a halt. Plus, as we become an increasingly paperless workplace, nonfunctioning servers equate to no work getting done, period. If one server fails, HA solutions allow you to seamlessly migrate operations over to a host server. This way, client relations can still be maintained, employees can continue getting their work done, and downtime can’t cripple critical business functioning.

2. Saves you from lost revenue

A nonfunctioning server means new sales can’t be made, and current clients can’t be helped. The faster you get your server back up and running, the faster you can get back to business as usual. With partial failover solutions, client operations can migrate over to the host server and continue functioning as if the original server was unaffected. This requires special expertise in layer 2 communications, which allows data from your business to travel through an encrypted and scalable network configuration to arrive securely at the host server.

3. Simplify maintenance

Unplanned downtime from a disaster isn’t the only type of downtime that companies face. Hardware and software updates or upgrades are other instances where companies can face costly downtime. With HA solutions, this downtime can be minimized. Businesses can plan to restore their server to the host site, and run production there while their in-house operations are being modified. This way companies don’t have to be deterred from making necessary improvements; you can still upgrade your IT environment, and without missing a beat.

4. Maximum flexibility

Does your production site need to be available and secure 24/7? Only HA solutions can provide this level of flexibility. Partial failover of individual servers within a layer 2 networking strategy allows communication between multiple interfaces. As soon as the main production site is back up and running, the failover site can be seamlessly switched off and transfer any changes that occurred back to production servers while the main site was offline.

5. Improve resilience and agility

While DR solutions are essential, these can take hours to coordinate. With HA solutions, it takes only seconds to switch over to the failover center and run production from there. It’s all customized to your specifications – do you want your data up-to-date within minutes, or within seconds? You can specify how quickly you want your data replicated, so the version that you’re running at the host site is almost identical to the version of the server that went offline. This way you are resilient to almost any effect on your normal business functioning; the transition to the host server is seamless, and happens within seconds.

Protos Technologies Services Is the One-Stop Shop

Here at Protos Technologies, we have it all. We offer HA solutions integrated with our optimized private cloud environment, and we are a managed host that can wrap up your data storage with data recovery solutions. Other companies might be able to replicate data, but that doesn’t mean they have the expertise to host data too, let alone restore it on their system so that you can run production at their site. This takes special expertise in layer 2 communications – expertise that many companies don’t have, but we do. Best of all, we can make this happen on a variety of platforms, from IBM Power Systems to virtual machines (VMs). With all of this in store, it’s hard to imagine anything that your data couldn’t stand up to.

If flexible HA solutions are something you need for your business-critical servers and applications, call Protos Technologies Services today at 317-707-3941.

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