Minimizing High Availability Administration with MIMIX for IBM i

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November 8, 2017 High Availability Blog Articles

Keeping track of everything going on in your IT environment is a challenge in itself – you don’t want to implement any software that makes it worse. That’s why we use MIMIX technology to give IBM i users the best in enterprise-class HA that is simple to configure, monitor and manage.


How the VSP Minimizes Administration Efforts

MIMIX minimizes high availability administration requirements through use of the Vision Solutions Portal (VSP). For starters, the VSP provides data protection reports, which give users the power to passively stay in tune with the state of their systems. The VSP also gives alerts, allowing users to take immediate action on their systems if need be. By being able to monitor the status of folders, directories and entire libraries, administrators also gain on-demand visibility, without needing to go hunting for the data they’re looking for.

Some extra features of the VSP include configuration “wizards,” which are intuitive, browser-based tools that allow users to easily manage their replication environment. Tasks that the wizards handle include adding folders, directories and libraries to the replication environment, and optimizing their configurations. With built-in best practice regulations and analysis capabilities, wizards make configuring your systems simple and extremely effective.


At-A-Glance Management

For users looking for a more at-a-glance experience, MIMIX provides application-level management of the replication environment. This gives administrators the high-level power they need to monitor the configurations of different high availability or disaster recovery (HA/DR) servers, remote journal paths, and multi-threaded apply processes. As a result, administrators have the power to quickly manage systems at the application level with single-button operations that allow them to start, stop and switch the data replication environment.


Maximizing Data Integrity and Peace of Mind

Worried about the integrity of your data? To give users total confidence in their data’s security and integrity, the VSP also provides records of actions taken, in addition to graphs demonstrating current incoming transaction rates and backlogs. Administrators can use this information to assess past performance and plan for future action. All in all, the VPS is yet another tool that we leverage with MIMIX to keep HA data replication simple and effective for IBM i and AIX users alike.


For more information on how to minimize high availability administration with solutions like MIMIX, or third-party solutions in general,  contact us today at 317-707-3941.


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