MIMIX Global: Why Added Servers Equal Added Security

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October 23, 2017 High Availability Blog Articles, Legacy System Blog Articles

There are more ways than one to achieve effective business continuity and seamless failover. While some users opt for having both their main and target servers housed nearby one another, having a server located at a unique geographic location provides the extra security you need for an array of disasters. With MIMIX Global, accomplishing this is easy.


Why You Need Some Distance

Having your production server and target server in the same data center is one option for high availability (HA) – but you can do a lot better. While having your servers in the same geographic location affords some peace of mind when it comes to planned downtime and fluke errors that cause your main server to go offline, it doesn’t give you any protection from crippling natural disasters or intentional foul play. For instance, if a hurricane, fire, or flood affects your data center, both your main production server and recovery server will be equally affected. Having another server in a geographically unique area is imperative to ensure that your operations are truly safe.  

MIMIX Global is a companion product to MIMIX Availability which allows users to easily utilize multiple backup servers. With MIMIX Global, users get multiple servers for real time replication and access to critical data. For users that insist on having a second server in-house but can’t risk the costs of downtime, ultimate peace of mind comes with adopting a third, geographically unique (or hosted) server. While some companies like the physical control of having only one recovery server that is in-house, this can really mean gambling with your system’s security and availability. With an additional server, you can have your main production server offline for maintenance, have a catastrophe affect your second target server (which can be located in-house), and still have a third server to pick up the slack.


MIMIX Global Means HA That Seamlessly Adjusts to Your Needs

With MIMIX Global your server can failover to any of a number of recovery servers without risking anything falling out of sync. MIMIX Global automatically adjusts the replication of every other server to ensure that they are completely synchronized with the new production server after failover, and when you are ready to switch back, it ensures that this is seamless. While all of these processes sound complicated enough in theory, the intuitive MIMIX interface makes management and switches simple and easy, even in multi-node environments. 

Here at Protos Technologies Services, we use MIMIX Global to ensure that companies have the ultimate protection for their systems. We can securely host your target server on our private cloud or physically host your hardware in our geographically secure location, immune to virtually any disaster. We enable your systems with flawless HA, DR, and the peace of mind you need to keep your company productive and reputable. 


For more information on HA solutions like MIMIX global, contact us today at 317-707-3941.


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